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The Importance of your Roof and Gutters in the Spring

Spring is almost here! Which means it's time to prepare your roof and gutters for the upcoming weather changes. Roof protection around springtime should be your main priority. As a homeowner, spring time roofs take a beating because of all the hard rain and other obstructions.

Roof Protection in the Spring

Spring rain and storms could do a lot of damage to your roof. These storms can lead to water damage to the roofs which can lead to mold and rot from the warmer weather. Not having any attention on if you need maintenance on your roof can cause some serious damage to your wallet. Installing a new roof can almost guarantee good condition throughout the year.

Why is it important? 

Taking care of your roof is crucial to help prevent damage from weather conditions to your home. Keeping your roof maintained can help prevent future problems, maximize roof lifespan, and a peace of mind. Knowing your roof is well maintained gives you a sigh of relief before the spring weather comes in. A suggestion would to be do regular inspections just be proactive and ensuring your house is in good shape. 

Spotting Roof Repairs 

Having your regular inspections, you can find areas that need attention. This will ensure the longevity of your home's roof. Things to look out for are missing shingles, broken flashing, old/damaged sealant. These are the most common issues to a roof which will help indicate if your roof is deteriorating or not. Look around for mold or water stains in the attic, this is an indication that there is a roof leak.

Gutter Maintenance

Inspect your gutter for debris and clogs. Clear away all leaves, twigs, and other buildups. Having functioning gutter is essential for directing rainwater away from your household. Spring brings new plants in, and older leaves or pine needles may still be trapped in your gutters or on your roof.  

Gutter Importance

Living in an area where it rains often, it is important to have drains and up to date gutters in your house. Gutters help divert the water away from your house helping prevent mold. Properly functioning gutters prevent water from pool around your foundation which helps reduce the risk of basement flooding. Gutters help prevent water from accumulating on the roof, if there were problems with the gutters there would be a risk of leaks and lessen the lifespan.

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