Our specialty at Trotter Roofing, as your premiere Atlanta roofing company, is to provide beautiful roofing systems that last year after year. With our quality product line, our energy efficient systems are guaranteed to last. Our professional roofing specialists are highly trained to service a variety of homes and families throughout the metro Atlanta areas.

We can work with your insurance company! We help many insurance companies determine damages regarding: roof, siding, gutters and other areas of the home. Call us today to discuss your repair at 404-610-9100.

Residential & Commercial Roofing: New Roof or Roof Repairs

At Trotter Roofing, we not only specialize in working with residential communities and homeowners, but we also specialize in working with commercial properties as well. Every roof is custom and our 10 year- NO LEAK- warranty is offered to bring the up most peace of mind with your new roof. Whether you are looking to build or repair a roof for your home, or simply looking to enhance your company office appearance with a new roof design, Trotter Roofing offers a variety of layouts for you to customize.

To receive your roofing analysis today, contact our roofing specialists today for additional information.

Roofing Repair: Shingles, Tile, Metal, & Flat Roofing

Roofing comes in many shapes, sizes, and textures. This is the beauty of working with an Atlanta roofing company that specializes in customization. With our roofing services, you can choose from a variety of shingles, tile, and metal as your base. Then choose whether you want a roof with peaks or a flat roof for your home. Regardless of your style, Trotter Roofing has the capability to design your dream roof.

For additional information on our customization, please feel free to contact our roofing specialists or schedule your roofing analysis today.

Roof Ventilation & Energy Efficiency

Roofing ventilation is designed depending on the climate of where you live. For colder climates, roof ventilation is designed to maintain a cooler temperature to prevent ice dams from being created due to melting snow. They are also designed to vent moisture that is moved from the living area to the upper attic. For warmer climates, roofing ventilation is primarily used to expel solar heated air from the attic to reduce your home’s cooling load. This helps to relieve the strain on your air conditioning systems. If you are located in a central climate area, then your roofing ventilation system will be able to service both.

In today’s economy, preserving the most energy in your home is a necessity for families to save money. At Trotter Roofing, we understand the importance of this and offer a variety of energy efficient products to ensure that you are saving the most money monthly with your new roofing system.

Roof Waterproofing, Roof Sealing, & Roof Leak Repairs

To ensure the stability and longevity of your new roofing system, our roofing specialists at Trotter Roofing make it a priority to seal and waterproof all installed roofing systems. In addition to the initial waterproofing installation of your new roof, our highly trained professionals also specialize in repairing leaks. If you have a leak or water issue, feel free to call our specialists today for your roof analysis.

Chimney Caps & Pans

We also offer chimney caps and pans for your home’s chimney. Caps and pans are recommended to help prevent leaks from occurring down the chimney and also keep debris from entering your home. For more information, please feel free to contact our roofing specialists today for your chimney analysis.